The sculptures shown below were made from the following types of marble: Picasso, Zebra,Tri-color, Dolmitic, Verde Antique, and Rose du Portugal. 
Pieces #2, #4, and #8 are Dolomitic marble; #1 is Rose du Portugal; #3 is Verde Antique; #5 is Picasso marble, so-named because of its beautiful coloration; and #6 is Zebra marble. Searching any of the above names will provide you good information about them. 

Down though the ages, stone has been thought to have spiritual and healing qualities. Zebra marble is one such stone. You can read about it by going to and

The size of pieces, if available, is given in inches height x width x depth.
O1a  8.75 x 4 x 4.75
O2a  18 x 7 x 5
O3a  16.5 x 10.5 x 6.5
O4a NA
O4b NA
O5a NA
O5b NA
O5c  NA
O6a  23 x 7 x 12
O7a NA
O7b NA
O7c NA
O8a NA
O8b NA

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